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In the 2nd international BEYOND Expo that will take place at Thessaloniki’s International Exhibition & Convention Center from September 29 to October 1, 2022, the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA) will have the honor of hosting the Hungarian SANXO Technology company:

SANXO-Systems is a Hungarian growing technology company providing a wide variety of Software and Hardware solutions in the field of digital microscopy, machine vision, and robot automation. They offer complete systems or modules, vision, and software components depending on customers’ needs. They provide high-quality services for NI product users in Software Development (LabVIEW), Instrument and Machine Control, and Machine Vision.



Digital microscope: SANXO digital microscopes feature cutting-edge optics, state-of-the-art cameras, and versatile light sources to capture tiny details. The genuinely innovative digital microscopes go beyond pure sharp vision and add extra tools to their operator to help decision-making and network sharing for teamwork. SANXO microscope software fulfills the wishes we have heard from engineers, factory manufacturers, and service professionals in the past decades.

Machine Vision systems: SANXO Machine vision systems provide industrial solutions for automated inspection, quality control, and instructing robots. SANXO is a specialist distributor of machine vision cameras, develops customized machine vision software, and installs complete machine vision systems for electronics, manufacturing, and the food industry.

Robot applications: SANXO uses 3D laser scanners to provide 3D robot vision solutions. These are typically implemented as material handling applications, quality control assistants, and bin picking solutions. Robot applications in the industry used to be connected to large-scale manufacturing, but SANXO offers robot applications also for lower-scale factories. SANXO robot applications are versatile, multifunctional, and adaptable.



Main Advantages of Sanxo optical products:

  • Award-winning innovation: The SANXO-Scope HD digital microscope won the Special Award of the Best Innovation in 2022, at the Industry Days/ IPAR NAP JAI-MACH-TECH 2022 Innovation Grand Prix.
  • The high degree of network connectivity: online measurement reports, live streaming option for the inspections made by the microscope
  • Outstanding customer service: online webcam support in English, ultra-quick shipment capacity, since they manufacture in the EU and they have visual inspection devices on stock

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