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VIAPLANT is a Hungarian design company, that has developed a unique, plant-based material of appealing visual aesthetics for interior, furniture, and fashion design installations. It offers an exciting storytelling surface via a multitude of real plant textures and colour variations. Viaplant uniqueness consists of its material made from a fine selection of 12 different plant residual and manufactured with a proprietary technique that preserves the plant component inside the material, displaying a vast variety of natural colours and textures. The main product line is a collection of lighting installations, design lamps and furniture using the translucent surface to showcase our unique plant-based material as the finishing touch of the tabletop. Under the mark of nature and engineering design, they have re-imagined the re-use of plant parts generated and discarded during the maintenance of urban green spaces. They have seen the beauty in aggressively spreading invasive species (e.g. ragweed, reed, Canadian goldenrod, etc.) and they have thought to re-utilize them. They only use plant parts – leaves and flowers – whose regeneration cycle is one year or less, the entire work process is carried out in Hungary.  Present on four different markets and with ambitious expansion plans, innovative plant-based material

VIAPLANT is currently looking for Sales Commission Agents and Distributors ideally with Showroom, across a number of markets to launch its products in the range of lighting installations and design furniture.

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