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LIMA Architecture & Interior Design is a Budapest-based firm with a global reach. They have been established as one of the premier architectures and interior design firms in Central Europe. The LIMA team is always growing with more than 40 architects and designers. LIMA’s mission is to create individualized plans that bring a new lifestyle to life. They provide experienced and premium service design and construction solutions, different from the clichés of the market. LIMA’s premium services offer a subtle departure from mass solutions to those who love classical and clean design. Their international repertoire includes Hotels and Resorts, Residences (residential parks, houses, and apartment complexes), Public Buildings, Universities (campus master planning and building design) Business Centres and Offices, Restaurant, Retail and Large-scale Master Planning.

Their headquarters is located in Budapest, but they also have offices in Romania, UAA and also expanding in Luxemburg by the end of 2020. They have been awarded by the A’ Design Award in Milan (2013), in Hungary (2016), and have won the International Master Plan Design Competition of Hungary for the Budapest South Gate plan (2018).

LIMA Architecture & Interior Design is interested to make general design projects in Cyprus. They are looking for larger hotel-, kindergarten construction, hospital construction projects where they can join as a design company.

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