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Apple users’ prayers have been heard by a Hungarian start-up that promises to make the life of the brand’s loyal users much easier. The Hungarian start-up team is now working to launch their device in both domestic and global markets. Back in 2019, at the CES – the world’s largest annual electronics expo – in Las Vegas, the gadget of the Hungarian start-up won the Innovation Award of that year. The developers promised that this device would be the missing link between Apple’s closed systems and various accessories. It connects to Apple devices wirelessly, but you are able to connect a traditional mouse and keyboard and use it on your iPhone or iPad.

The innovative device has countless other functions that you can manage through a free app. Thanks to its plethora of ports, almost any device can be connected to it. It has internal storage that can be further enhanced thanks to a memory card slot, so you can safely and easily back up any data on it from your Apple devices. The device can also create a secure hotspot connection for public Wi-fi networks, and it can be used as a portable wireless router. You can even connect wired headphones or earphones to it so you can enjoy your favorite music, connect to your TV, and play videos, but if you are in a pinch, you can use it as a power bank.

The Hungarian Start-up company claims that was founded to create electronic products that make life easier for Apple users and expand the usability of Apple products in everyday work as well.  According to them, the biggest advantage of their product is that users do not have to buy new adapters and cables or discard their old accessories every time they purchase a new iPhone, iPad, or MacBook with a different plug. The device will be manufactured in cooperation with a worldwide Hungarian company. With 5G network available in Budapest, this device may become even more potent.

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