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HOFEKA company is a Hungarian manufacturer of street lighting poles, brackets, and anchoring plates. Established in 1888, they have gained widespread recognition and popularity in Hungary, Europe as well as the Middle East. The company has three facilities: R&D and logistics departments are in Nagytarcsa, next to Budapest, and two manufacturing plants are in Dióskál, close to Austria. Their Smart City solutions greatly contribute to the modern and cost-efficient operation of municipalities. These solutions include programmable light fixtures, parking assistance systems, waste management, charging electric cars, e-bikes, and other devices, environmental sensors, wireless internet, and integrated surveillance systems.

Smart Lighting- Smart Pole

Smart pole saves great amount of energy while also serves as a charging station for electric cars. The built-in Wi-Fi router provides constant communication opportunities and continuous flow of information enabling internet usage for several hundred users within a 200-metre radius. In addition, it significantly improves the security of the streets, as it is equipped with an emergency call button and a surveillance camera. Thanks to its modular build-up, the smart pole can be customized, and the scope of its functions can be further extended.

Smart City pedestrian crossing system

hofeka smart zebra

Zebra Smart City pedestrian crossing system consist of luminaires and optics for pedestrian crossings. The Smart Zebra BOARD retrofits to the existing pole and or as a bracket. It has unique design and is an easy to fix solution. The Smart Zebra BOX includes Illuminated LED stripes that flashing at the touch of the button. They have wireless communication and offer real-time data.

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