Innovation & Sustainability: Audi Tackles Tire Waste in Győr Using New Technology

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As a result of the cooperation between Audi Hungaria Zrt. and New Energy Kft., tire waste from the car manufacturer’s Győr site is now being recovered chemically, avoiding the release of micro-plastics and harmful substances into the environment during the recovery process – reported Jármű The process used is pyrolysis, whereby waste tires are chemically converted into oil. The resulting oil is used by petrochemical companies to produce new plastics, while the resulting technical soot is used in tire production. The gases produced during pyrolysis are used to generate the high temperatures needed for the process. The pyrolysis products can be used to replace fossil raw material sources, contributing to sustainable and resource-efficient manufacturing processes.

Audi pyrolisis

Audi Hungaria has been carbon neutral in its balance sheet since 2020. The company has been using geothermal energy since 2015, saving around 21,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. A further part of its energy supply is provided by Europe’s largest rooftop solar farm on the company’s premises, which covers a total of 160,000 square meters. The company recycles almost 100 percent of the waste generated.

New Energy is an innovative technology company specializing in the development and commercialization of solutions for the circular economy, with over a decade and a half of operational experience in pyrolysis plant management. New Energy’s core mission is to turn previously unmanageable polymer-based waste streams into useful feedstocks for the petrochemical industry, and manage the unsustainable extraction of natural resources in an economically efficient way. The company has developed and commercialized a range of technologies that can convert waste tires into valuable secondary raw materials to support the circular economy strategies of its partners and customers.

Source: Hungary Today

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