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IKARUS is a Hungarian company that designs and manufactures reliable, comfortable, economical, environmentally friendly and aesthetic buses that meet the European quality and technical standards. Originally Ikarus was founded in 1895, based on its manufacturing experience, the company went through a complete transformation since 2016, creating a modern, restructured and multifaceted company that stands strong in the frontline of European bus developments and manufacturing. In the 1970s and 1980s Ikarus became Europe’s largest bus manufacturer by producing and selling nearly 10 thousand units of the world-class 200 and 400 bus types each year.  The company delivered its products to nearly fifty countries on five continents. Over the past 40 years, more than 250 thousand buses have been sold. By the autumn of 2020 they have developed and then presented the first pure electric city bus with a European type license, which was designed and manufactured in Hungary.
Electric bus
100 % electric bus, with European design and manufacturing with a long history of manufacturing experience.  Modern and environment friendly, with zero emission. The model can be further optimised for specific needs. It is made of stainless-steel frame construction and 16-year anti-rust warranty covering two battery cycles. With 8-year warranty on batteries, low maintenance costs and suitable for accommodating smart devices.


ikarus electric bus

Battery charge system
Key Features:  AC charger, 22kW charge,  floor-stand, design 1 or 2 outputs  OCPP 1.6, 3G, RFID, the charger use MID certified meter. Public DC charger, CHAdeMO/CCS2/AC charge 3in1, Max 120kW / max 125A DC charge, 22kW AC Type2 charge, OCPP 1.6, 3G, RFID, the charger use MID certified meter
Energy storage system
Energy storage system based on high-capacity lithium batteries. The system is charged permanently by the electric grid or any other energy source like solar systems or gas generators. The loaded energy is discharged on high-capacity EV chargers according to customer needs.
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