Hungarian NEUZER bicycles: Innovation, reliability and Value for Money

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Neuzer is a Hungarian manufacturer Bicycle company, founded in 1987 in Esztergom.  NEUZER bicycles have gained serious recognition on the market due to their innovative appearance, reliability and excellent value for money. They export nearly 50% of the approximately 100,000 bicycles produced in Esztergom, per year to many countries of the European Union: Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Austria, France, and United Kingdom. With more than 165 employees, Neuzer Central Manufacturing and Development Center has a production capacity of 25.000 bicycles and includes a 2,700 m2 high-rise warehouse with 2,500 storage locations. The company has a quality control system continuously within the production line of products, while 20% of manufactured items are checked with measuring devices based on Neuzer’s own inspection.

Neuzer developed bicycles and participates in several Rental bicycle systems in many Hungarian cities: Győr, Hévíz, Komárom, Esztergom, Tata, Veszprém, Eger, Szeged, Debrecen, Pécs, Lake Balaton (950 bicycles), and abroad in Bratislava and Monheim Am Rhein (1500 bicycles). Additionally, Neuzer has been Strategic Partner for Special Bicycle Projects with the Hungarian Post, the Hungarian Police, the Hungarian Civil Guard, the Hungarian Cycling Tourism Association and local Ministries.

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