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Hungary is among the leading innovation ecosystems developing innovative smart Mobility solutions. Hungarian companies offer E-Mobility solutions such as Electric buses, electric waste trucks and commercial vehicles, electric bicycles for municipalities and integrated e-bicycle rental systems.


IKARUS  is a Hungarian company that designs and manufactures reliable, comfortable, environmentally friendly electric buses that meet European quality and technical standards. Founded in 1895, Ikarus was Europe’s largest bus manufacturer in the 1970s and 1980s, producing and selling nearly 10,000 units of world-class buses every year. In line with the new data and the market trend, in autumn 2020 it developed and presented the first pure electric city bus with a European license, which was designed and manufactured in Hungary.

ELECTROMEGA develops and assembles 100% electric waste collection vehicles and trucks. The company builds a unique electric drive system that converts conventional trucks into electric vehicles by integrating a new battery, drivetrain, and chassis, while using its own innovative software to control the drive system. Electromega’s innovative electric drive system was developed by specialized engineers in collaboration with the Hungarian Technical University of Debrecen.

 NEUZER is a Hungarian electric bicycle manufacturer, founded in 1987 in Esztergom. NEUZER bicycles have gained recognition in the global bicycle market for their innovative looks, reliability, and excellent value for money, exporting 50% of the 100,00 bicycles produced annually in Esztergom, to countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Austria, France and United Kingdom.

TELEKOM ΙNTEGRATED (T-SYSTEMS) is Hungary’s largest IT and Telecommunication service provider. It has developed smart solutions for the public sector, healthcare, automotive and transport. For smart mobility, the company has developed an eco-friendly e-bike rental sharing system for commuting between cities. It is a unique solution for urban and tourist areas, universities and company ecosystems.

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