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The European Commission’s scientific panel ranked the development of IdomSoft, the company responsible for Hungary’s public digitization, as one of the seven most promising solutions. The company’s development will help reduce operating costs and reduce the burden on public administration, reports Magyar Nemzet.

The development of a digital and user-friendly public administration has recently become a central task in the European Union. In early October, the Joint Research Center published a study entitled “Artificial Intelligence for Interoperability in the European Public Sector,” which analyzed how artificial intelligence is improving the interoperability of different IT systems in the public sector across Europe. The studies provide a relevant reference point for the European Union, highlighting outstanding European developments and achievements.

It examined 189 of the 720 proposed solutions and detailed the seven most promising developments. One of them was from IdomSoft in Hungary.

The aim of digital public administration is to enable citizens to manage their public business online,  promising speed and ease of use, as well as ensuring the security of their data. This requires the harmonization and integration of the relevant IT systems.

The company, within the framework of the Infocommunication and Information Technology National Laboratory (InfoLab), in collaboration with Pázmány Péter Catholic University, is investigating and applying various AI-based solutions to implement AI-driven operations (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, AIOPs), i.e. to put systems operations on a technological footing that is fit for today’s world.

This solution is able to detect and interpret system failures and identify anomalies. What makes it unique is that it has set up neural networks to analyze the data, which is not yet common practice in this area and is more at the research level. The neural networks created are even able to detect unexpected events in advance, such as a sudden increase in user traffic for a newly launched or updated service.

Part of the system is already used by the company to monitor various cloud-based services. This automates processes previously carried out manually. This automation, as the Joint Research Center emphasizes, contributes greatly to reducing operating costs and relieving the burden on office administration. The study also praises the process, because Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) allows for further analysis and reuse of data collected in compliance with GDPR laws, and thus the development of new systems in the future.

The European Commission researchers are analyzing the company’s development alongside AI solutions from Estonia, Spain, Lithuania, Italy, and Belgium as “potentially relevant.”

Since the turn of the millennium, state-owned IdomSoft Zrt.(  has been creating digital solutions covering almost every aspect of the lives of Hungarian citizens. The organization builds and operates systems for public administration and procedures, including digital, and in many cases, automated procedures for Hungarian citizens to change their data, register their address, or replace their documents.

Source: Hungary Today


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