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The Hungarian Government has been making targeted strides in positioning the nation as a European leader in technology. In fact, in 2019, the IMF ranked Hungary as joint tech leaders in Europe, alongside Germany. So, how is the country revolutionising and utilising technologies for the better of the economy? Here are five ways Hungary is spearheading tech today.

 #1: Self-Driving Vehicles

Hungary is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to testing and implementing self-driving cars. The Zalazone test track was used to test their self-driving vehicles, and then testing was transferred to real-world traffic four years ago with other self-driving cars. Today things are heating up even more with plans to create cars that can communicate with the road via another technology we’ll discuss later – 5G. The immediate step is to start mixing self-driving and manually operated vehicles to see how they perform together.

 #2: Live Casino Games

Hungary, especially Budapest, is one of the leading casino hotspots in Europe. People flock from all around the world to enjoy Hungarian casinos and the renowned nightlife. But Hungarians are not just about bricks and mortar casinos. There is an upward trend in the number of players using online casinos specifically for live dealer games. Thanks to sophisticated cameras, software and superfast 5G technology, real casinos are able to stream games from the casino floor, or a studio to websites to players can entertain themselves with roulette, blackjack and more from the comfort of home.

#3: High-Speed Rail Network

Efficient and easy methods of transport allow cities and countries to flourish, so it is no surprise that Hungary and Poland are applying to create a Budapest to Warsaw high-speed rail network. The project will be implemented by engineering experts in Hungary who have developed technologies to make high-speed rail possible and comparable to those in Asia. There are plenty of economic and tourism benefits that will come from the project, which will be funded and decided on by the European Commission.

#4: SignAll

Sign All is a Budapest-based business that is changing the game for people with hearing difficulties. Through their programming and AI leverage, they have created a platform to translate different sign languages much easier. They use tech to automatically translate sign language from videos, and they can do it in real-time for conferences, education and meetings.

 #5: The Pureco Group

The Pureco Group was started by a Hungarian company and provide wastewater treating solutions. Their work has helped countless organisations and companies, including Budapest Zoo and Mercedes. And now, the company will be assisting Ghanaian communities to treat wastewater. Currently, only 10% of sewage in Ghana is appropriately treated, and the technologies developed by The Pureco Group will go a long way to improving the environment and health in the region.

Source: Daily News Hungary


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