Grape Solutions is a dynamic Hungarian ICT software development company offering custom applications related to E-Mobility, Smart City, IoT, Robotics Automation and Financial Reporting. In the field of E-Mobility, Grape Solutions has created a unique mobile application for charging stations that offers location on the GPS map, online payment and digital receipt document. The application facilitates both drivers and charger companies as they have an automated payment system that issues receipts and creates customers database. This application is used by the No. 1 Hungarian company for electric vehicle chargers with 4.8 million customers. Read More

They offer Smart City applications related to Public Services of Municipalities such as Waste Management with the System of Smart Bins or Smart Tourist Services (Information Portal for Attractions and local Events, information for free electric chargers, etc.).

Utilizing new technologies, the company has developed the Grape General IoT Platform through which it ensures the integration of different IoT devices in any system, providing: registration & recognition of IoT devices, two-way communication of devices with the platform, creating rules, sending notifications, display devices on the map and remote control of devices.

At the same time, it designs platforms that offer detailed Financial Reports (Digital acquisition Reporting), collecting and analyzing data coming from different sources of information, ideal solutions for Banks, Insurance Companies and Financial Institutions. While offering applications with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to digitize and automate business processes in Customer Service, Medical Care, Finance and Business Administration, using machine learning and artificial intelligence software.

Grape Solutions has a wide network of international customers such as Bayer, Citibank, Sanofi, Wizz air, General Electric, MOL Group, EIT, Generalli Group etc. It has won the Invitech Innomax Awards (2017, 2015 & 2012) three times with RPA applications related to Healthcare, data management and authentication and verification systems.

The goal of Grape Solutions is to develop partnerships with Greek ICT companies for distribution of their applications and their introduction in Greece.

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