Animalsoft is a Hungarian Agritech company that offers Smart Farming & Data Solutions for Livestock Production Units (Pig-Poultry Farms). Livestocker is a cloud-based platform that can record, and process production data of the farm unit related to hygiene and animal health, breeding and final development of animals (livestock, food, water, weight, hygiene conditions, use of antibiotics, etc.).  Livestocker aims in the direct and continuous monitoring of the microbial load of the farm, the control of diseases, the maintenance of the health of the farm’s livestock, the continuous control of the production process, the cost assessment, and the overall proper management of the livestock unit. Provides daily updated reports on growth, costs, sales, health, and antibiotics, assisting in the correct processing and analysis of data, improving the profitability and control of the Livestock Unit.

Livestocker for Pig Farms: Platform for monitoring the economic performance of the register of animals with natural indicators (daily weight, drug use, meat quality), with available indicators such as animal and cost/kg. Additionally, It monitors the efficient differences of breeds in their performance at birth and in the final result e.g., number of births, diseases, changes in the purchase price of meat, etc. Read More

Livestocker for Poultry Farms: Platform for egg production including plan monitoring, egg sorting, turnover with multiple physical indicators, trade, sorting and packaging. For bird breeding, the platform provides a log with references to productive indicators, such as EPEF and physical indicators such as daily weight gain, FCR, mortality, etc. Read More

The advantage of the Livestocker platform is that it does not require special software and hardware as it is cloud-based and easy to enter daily data while providing the ability to use RFID and QR scan codes, avoiding incorrect identification. The platform can be adapted based on the needs of each Livestock Unit.

Animalsoft’s goal is to develop partnerships with Greek ICT companies for the distribution of the Livestocker platform and its introduction in the Greek market.

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