Chervon Auto started building its first European factory in Hungary

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Chervon Auto establishes its first plant outside China in Hungary. The value of the greenfield investment aimed at serving European partners more efficiently is almost EUR 51 million. In the first phase, the construction of a 26,000 square metre hall begins at an area of about 8 hectares. The new plant in Miskolc will have a capacity to produce up to 2 million vehicle components per year, and 138 new jobs will be created. Production is scheduled to start by the end of 2022.


Chervon Auto, a manufacturer of mainly automotive parts, a Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier with a European market share, can greatly reduce transport costs as well as delivery time with the greenfield investment. The new 26,000 square metre hall will be used to manufacture automotive metal components within a few years.

In addition to its proximity to existing customers, the investment will also take advantage of the opportunities offered by the rapidly growing market for electric and hybrid vehicles. The company’s competitive advantage lies in its ability to provide quality solutions for both conventional and new technology vehicles.

Source: HIPA

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