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WATER & SOIL is a Hungarian agricultural company that produces agricultural products that face one of the biggest problems of global agriculture: water scarcity.

Water Retainer is an organic-based soil conditioner liquid. It helps the plants’ ability for water uptake (resulting in less water usage) and diminishes the effects of drought and dehydration. It can be used for both irrigated and non-irrigated cultivations, reducing the water need, helping the crop to survive during the drought period up to 2 times more. It is registered for use in organic farming. It is a water-soluble liquid, which is used by spraying onto the surface of the soil; it is organic based and degrades without any remedies within three months and can be used with repeated treatment. It reduces evaporation loss, absorbs humidity from the air to the soil while is registered for use in organic farming.

The use of Water Retainer gives many advantages such as increasing the yield of the crop by 14% – 37%. The farmer saves up to 50% of irrigation water in cases of irrigated crops.

WATER & SOIL company’s distribution network includes Hungary, Poland, Croatia and Chile. More countries that are in direct projects to expand are the USA, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy and the United Kingdom. WATER & SOIL Company wants to develop collaborations with Greek partners for importing and distributing the product in Greece.

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