The Hungarian Export Promotion Agency welcomes you to BEYOND EXPO in Thessaloniki from 29/9 to 1/10/2022

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The 2nd international BEYOND Expo returns and opens its doors in Thessaloniki from 29/9 to 1/10/2022 at the International Exhibition Center of Thessaloniki. The Hungarian Export Promotion Agency will be there, and together with three Hungarian companies (SANXO, CARDWARE, MOON42) will present Hungarian innovation in the field of Technology.
Hungarian technology has provided important tools over the years, from the ballpoint pen, and the Rubik’s cube to Charles Simonyi, the founding developer of Microsoft’s Word and Excel programs. Today it is the center of many start-ups as well as mature companies in the fields of electronics, information technology and communications (ICT) showing spectacular growth prospects in the European and global market.


At Pavilion 15, Ground Floor Stand A16, we have the honor of hosting three significant Hungarian companies:
SANXO-Systems is a Hungarian growing technology company providing a wide variety of Software and Hardware solutions in the field of digital microscopy, machine vision, and robot automation. They offer complete systems or modules, vision, and software components depending on customers’ needs. They provide high-quality services for NI product users in Software Development (LabVIEW), Instrument and Machine Control, and Machine Vision.
CardWare is a Hungarian company that offers wireless sensor networks with ultra-low power electronics-based smart metering systems and IoT-based online monitoring.  They provide Smart metering solutions for water meters, gas meters, heat meters, electricity power meters, sound levels, indoor air quality meters and online temperature loggers, through real-time, reliable, and accurate measurement data.
MOON42 is a Software Development company, activated in Research, Development & Innovation arena with consulting IT support in general. They provide mobile fieldback data collection and query solutions, bespoke software development, Agritech, Environmental, Business and new generation mobile commerce solutions.
It will be our pleasure to have a meeting in person at Pavillion 15, Ground Floor Stand A16


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