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ProfiKomp is a Hungarian company one of the market leaders in biowaste treatment solutions. They provide advanced technologies and complex solutions in organic waste treatment. In a successful global operation since 1991, the ProfiKomp group aims to close the organic loop by transforming biowaste into valuable products. ProfiKomp specializes in the utilization of biodegradable waste applying aerobic technologies such as composting, mechanical-biological stabilization and drying. Their technologies can assist in the treatment of various types of organic waste at different scales from small-scale to industrial-size technologies. Since 2000, the ProfiKomp company group has been supplying bio-waste treatment technologies with a closed system, covered with a semi-permeable membrane cover, aerated, equipped with control and measurement technology.

Their top product is ProfiKomp Breathable Drum Composter, that offers composting of organic waste (like plant residues and kitchen leftovers) into a valuable fertilizer, without the challenges of unpleasant odors, physical labor, and the presence of rodents and pests. Its advanced solutions, including the ProfiCover semipermeable membrane, accelerates decomposition, reduces emissions, and maintains optimal composting conditions, ensuring a quick, efficient, and hygienic composting process.


  • International refences: ProfiKomp have already installed nearly 100 bio-waste treatment plants in 18 countries worldwide: Hungary, Europe, and several Asian countries.
  • ProfiKomp company is also a market leader in the field of mechanical-biological waste management, in the stabilization and/or drying of residual (mixed) municipal solid waste
  • Innovative technologies: ProfiKomp places great emphasis on research, development and innovation projects developing innovative solutions like the Breathable Drum Composter

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