Planet Budapest: Sustainability Expo and Summit 29th of November to December 5th, 2021

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The Planet Budapest 2021 Sustainability Expo and Summit is a sustainable development event for the Visegrád Countries. It aims to raise awareness of adverse environmental, social, and economic practices among the general public, especially young people, and to show that these negative changes, which overshadow the future of humankind, are still reversible.

Between November 29 and December 5, 2021, Planet Budapest will line up a number of professional exhibitors from the Visegrád Countries for a week, who can promote sustainable development through their technological developments, innovative products, and services. Planet Budapest 2021 is built around the following four thematic groups:

Universe of Sustainability – Summit

Heads of state and government, decision-makers, well-known experts of international organizations and the representatives of the scientific and business world will discuss topics such as sustainable water management, food production, energy and waste management, and transport. The event aims to provide actionable responses to the challenges of sustainable development.

Nature Friendly Development – Sustainability Expo

The Expo is intended to present innovations that support sustainable development and are based on the knowledge and expertise of the Visegrád Countries. From start-ups to large companies, all businesses will have the opportunity to showcase how they help sustainability and provide new solutions for a more liveable future in energy, agriculture, transport, water and waste management and the development of “smart cities”.

Your Planet – Interactive Public Programmes about Sustainability

Through the solutions presented at the educational experience center, participants will be provided a glimpse into everyday life in the future. They will have the opportunity to discover the home, the school and the city of the future, as well as the sustainable food we will consume.

Heroes of the Future – Youth Programme about Sustainability

One of the key objectives of the program is to raise awareness among teenagers about the importance of living sustainably. The event offers a leisure program for elementary and secondary school students between the ages of 10 and 16, in which the dissemination of knowledge and fun time go hand in hand.


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