Oncompass Medicine is a Hungarian medical enterprise dealing with the development of decision support and diagnostic medical devices that help the personalized treatment of cancer patients.  They have developed a Precision Oncology Program that includes all the services necessary for selecting the most appropriate personalized treatments for patients with cancer.  The Program is a new medical procedure supported by the special medical software developed by Oncompass.

The challenge of precision oncology is to choose which mutant gene to target with which targeted therapy to achieve response in the presence of the specific mutation and the presence of all the other mutant genes. The solution to this problem is the help of artificial intelligence. Digital therapy planning can potentially increase the efficacy and cost-efficacy of precision oncology. Oncompass’ current development is an artificial intelligence-based method to overcome the complexity of combinations of genetic alterations present in each tumour. This technique has been implemented into registered software as a medical device.

This system and method received the award of the American Society Clinical Oncology at their Breakthrough Oncology conference in Bangkok, and it also won the innovation prize of the GET IN THE RING V4, in 2019. In 2021 Oncompass Medicine was selected as the winner from 25 000 start-ups from 109 countries – the cancer research company has won the Get in the Ring! Global contest and in the same year the company was selected to be the winner of the Future Unicorn Award of DIGITALEUROPE. The AI solution was validated based on a clinical study published in Nature Partner Journal Precision Oncology. Data proved that integrating AI can improve treatment decisions in oncology. In March 2022, Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission in her speech at the opening of the Masters of Digital Conference on Digital Development in Europe considered the development of Oncompass revolutionary.

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