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From next week, the car-sharing service replacing ShareNow, which will be discontinued in Hungary, will operate under the name WIGO. The 100,000 registered users will have to use a new application. Wallis Car Sharing was the last to enter the car-sharing market with ShareNow.

By the end of 2022, it became the market leader in terms of revenue. The company is launching its own car-sharing service under the WIGO brand. On this day, ShareNow will cease to operate in Hungary and its customers will automatically become WIGO users. The renewed service will also offer discounts and flexible, automated package selection, reports.

“Its extreme flexibility also makes car-sharing suitable for being part of an efficient urban daily life in combination with other means of public transport,” says Márk Koralewsky, CEO of the company. Car-sharing is a great alternative to the cost of buying and maintaining your own car. In addition to Budapest, Wigo is also targeting the agglomeration.

Source: Daily News Hungary

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