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Hungarian company Műszer Automatika is a leading independent supplier of signal and safety product solutions for the railways industry. Their products and services range from signal engineering, assembly and wiring, field installation and commissioning, and servicing. The company started its business in 1982 and grew into a strong international company with hundreds of employees. The company’s main activities include the development, production, and servicing of railway signaling and safety devices, traffic automation equipment, and public and industrial gas and solvent vapor detector systems. Műszer Automatika acts mainly in the rail-guided transportation sector in project implementation and management activity.

Main fields of activities

  • Railway station interlocking equipment implementation and /or modification.
  • Open-line interlocking and signaling equipment implementation and /or modification
  • Shunting protection equipment implementation and installation
  • Open-line cable laying
  • Electrical points heating equipment construction and installation (railway, suburban railway, city tram)
  • Railway passenger information system realization and installation
  • Fire detector and alarm system, fire-extinguishing equipment installations


Train Control System (EVM)

  • Supplier of Stadler Bussnang AG and several Romanian companies since 2006 (SNTFM CFR MARFÄ S.A., S.C. Rolling Stock Company S.A.)
  • Supplier of Bombardier Transportation GmbH., Siemens AG., ÖBB and the Hungarian Bombardier MÁV Kft. since 1998

Railway Design

  • 2010: Iraq-Syria border railway station
  • 2008-2010: Kirkuk- Sulaimaniya new railway line
  • 2008-2009: Hamman- Alil Saboniya railway project

Project management, construction

  • 2011: Cable substructure works at Eperjeske shunting station, job at Záhony Phase 2. Electric points heating installations at stations Ják-Balogunyom, Egyházasrádóc, Körmend, Csákánydoroszló, Alsórönök, and Szentgotthárd on GySEV railway line, and Martonvásár, Gárdony and Dinnyés
  • 2010: Installation of 33 pcs of  UTB-M1  type electronic level crossing equipment on section Sopron-Szombathely-Szentgotthárd of GyESV railway line.

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