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Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the world has changed and will never be the same again. Most events, exhibitions, and expos have been canceled or postponed and even if the gates reopen, there will still be plenty of time for peoples’ confidence to be re-established. The MAJOSZ Automotive Exhibition 2020 (MAX2020) aims to fill the gap caused by the epidemic among the tourists drawn, clients, and event organizers. The online trade fair provides an opportunity to organize an exhibition that resembles previous events. The number of visitors can be much higher than what has been experienced so far. The main professional partner in organizing the event is the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency HEPA.

The MAX2020 Hungary’s first online trade fair for the automotive industry will guest many key industrial digitization companies, machine tool manufacturing, industrial logistics, software, and industrial sectors 4.0 and emerging companies.

Date: July 14-17, 2020

Location: ONLINE



Hungary’s first online trade fair for the automotive industry

Unlimited exhibition area

Unlimited viewing without physical contact

Organized by Hungarian and international companies



Process automation, electronics

Industry 4.0

Artificial Intelligence


3D printing

Industrial logistics, material handling

Energy, energy management

Occupational safety, fire protection


Manufacturing Automation

Robotics, production lines, surface treatment

Tool, device manufacturing

Quality assurance, measurement technology software



Convenient appearance

“Turnkey” design for the exhibitor with minimal time

Full preparation of participation

Custom stand

Strong joint action with members

Intensive pre-announcement of participation through all MAX2020 channels

Complete design

Home page

Expo Calendar

Organizer and exhibitor registration

Full GDPR compatibility

B2B (private video chat, by appointment)

Interactive performance, viewers ask and answer

Stand and exhibition level statistics



Petra Dobronyi-Gál, Acting Executive General Secretary

Phone: +36 20 209 3148


Source: MAX2020



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