KLIMEX MEDICAL is a Hungarian Medical Equipment Company specialized in Bed Head Units, Nurse Call Systems and Pneumatic Tube Post System. KLIMEX MEDICAL has a wide range of specialized nurse self-help systems ranging from simple, audible and light alarm system to one-way communication. Using these systems makes it much easier for nurses to operate, and alarm calls can be made from bathrooms, patient beds or from hospital clinics to hospital rooms. In addition to the basic functions, alarms can be provided urgently to physicians, meeting even the most specialized requirements.

KLIMEX MEDICAL has aluminum KLX-FT Bed Head Units, available in various sizes, with LED lighting systems and specially designed for medical gas use. KLX-FT units provide high-quality patient care solutions and can also function as an anesthetic base. Bed Ηead units can be adapted to personalized requirements, special designs and locations to suit any environment.

KLIMEX MEDICAL’s medical equipment can be used in general hospitals and clinics, in intensive care units and in VIP hospitals. Their work is supported by MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2009, the certified quality management system of MSZ EN ISO 13485: 2004.

KLIMEX MEDICAL hospital equipment is high quality, simple and easy to operate with great flexibility. It requires easy installation and can be customized to your specific requirements.

The goal of KLIMEX MEDICAL is to develop partnerships with Greek distribution companies and to introduce their products in Greece.

Read more: https://klimexmedical.hu/en/


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