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Innoria is a Hungarian-owned company, founded in 2017 and operating in the field of bioinformatics. The company develops core technology with world-class Hungarian professionals, who are also recognized by the world’s sports professionals and in the artificial intelligence development community. They cooperate with Marymount University in the United States to use the Team Flow system to support team skills. Innoria Tech’s Team Flow System is the first in the world to measure and develop collaborative performance in a team. The product achieves this with EEG-based brainwave analysis. The peak performance of individuals and teams depends on mental attitudes and synchronisation. With the Team Flow System, team dysfunction under pressure can be avoided. It improves attention, the quality of decision-making and team unity, and besides accelerating regeneration.

The System consists of easy-to-wear wireless EEG headbands assigned to a unique software. The operation is automatic, supported by artificial intelligence which makes it easy to use. The Team Flow System offers:
  • decreased endgame abilities
  • disintegration of a team unit
  • pre-race stage fright
  • difficulty with concentration- and making decision
  • difficulty to return after injury or sickness
The product has been developed according to the needs of athletes and sport leaders. The system can be used in both team sports and individual sports.
An integrated AI coach automatically trains teams, synchronising up to eight athletes at a time and enabling them to perform at their collective best on the field. In addition to its benefit for teams, it is also used in the training of individual athletes and is currently used in preparations for the World Championships and the Olympics
Innoria aims to develop partnerships with Greek sports equipment companies and to introduce its solution in Greece.

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