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E-mobility is the future of motoring and is developing rapidly. In Europe, the number of companies dealing with electrification is constantly increasing, demonstrating the need for a change in how vehicles move. Hungary is one of the pioneer countries in E-Mobility and has a strong representation in the field. There are many Hungarian companies dealing with electrification, not only in the car industry but also in the automotive field of buses, ambulances, trucks, and other types of vehicles. In this article, four of the largest Hungarian electric vehicle companies will be presented. Below you can read about the companies Ikarus, Electromega, Grape solutions and Evopro

Ikarus is a Hungarian company that designs and manufactures reliable, comfortable, environmentally friendly and economical buses that meet European quality and technical standards. It was founded in 1895 and in the last decade it has completely changed the way it operates and today it can be said that it is a pioneer company in Europe in the field of bus manufacturing as it produces and sells about 10 thousand high-end buses every year. The company is present in more than 50 countries worldwide. In 2020, Ikarus, guided by new trends and new market data, created the first fully electric city bus with a European license, which was designed and manufactured in Hungary.

In addition to electric buses, Ikarus is also active in the development and construction of medical buses. These buses function as “mobile clinics” as, due to their design, a variety of medical services can be performed on them. While it can flexibly adapt to permanent ad hoc care needs.


ikarus electric bus

Energy charging and storage

Ikarus provides public and private electric chargers for all vehicles. The Energy Storage System based on high-capacity lithium batteries. The system is permanently charged from the mains or any other energy source such as solar systems or gas generators. The charged energy is discharged to high-capacity EV chargers according to the customer’s needs.



Electromega develops and assembles 100% electric garbage trucks transport vehicles and trucks. The company innovates as it has built a unique electric drive system that turns conventional trucks into electric ones, at the same time it uses its own software to control the drive system. Electromega ‘s innovative electric drive system was developed by specialized engineers in collaboration with the Hungarian Technical University of Debrecen, while the company was awarded in October 2017 by the Hungarian Ministry of Economy.

Electromega waste vehicles on a single charge, the trucks can perform two full cycles of collection and unloading, which usually represents at least 8 hours of total working time. While, transport trucks Logistics with a capacity of 40 tons, on a single charge, can perform from 16 to 24 loading-unloading for at least 16 hours of total working time.

Electromega ‘s 100% electric waste collection vehicles and trucks comply with the new EU requirements.  and are the ideal green solution for every business, city, and municipality and are readily available. Electromega has a presence with its electric waste vehicles in 24 cities in Hungary, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Romania.


Electric waste collector truck


Grape Solutions is a dynamic Hungarian ICT software development company offering customized applications related to E- Mobility, Smart City, IoT, Robotics Automation. In the field of E-Mobility Grape Solutions has created a unique mobile application for electric car charging stations and locating them on the map, automatic online payment and the automatic issuance of the document. It is an application that facilitates both the drivers and the companies that provide the chargers as they have an automatic payment system that issues documents and creates a database of customers and data. This application is used by the No. 1 Hungarian electric vehicle charger company with 4.8 million customers. On Smart City applications specializes in applications related to Public services of municipalities.

Additionally, utilizing new technologies, it has developed the Grape General IoT Platform through which it ensures the integration of different IoT devices in any system, providing: registration & identification of IoT devices , two-way communication of devices with the platform, creation of rules, sending notifications, display of devices on the map and remote control of devices.


Grape solutions 2


EVOPRO is an international engineering company that provides integrated engineering services and develops innovative products in various industries worldwide, with a focus on transportation technologies, energy and industrial automation. EVOPRO offers a super-fast AC/DC charging system for electric vehicles during short- and medium-term parking. More specifically, it allows charging up to 80% in less than half an hour. Additionally, it provides a remote monitoring system, status information on the LED display, constant monitoring of charging cable, tamper-proof design for outdoor use, protective bars and anti-gra¬ti coating, and easy access and uses for disabled people.



Source: Pro. Authoriti


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