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Electromega is a Hungarian innovative company that develops and assembles 100% electric waste collector trucks and logistic trucks. The company builds a unique electric propulsion system that converts trucks into electric vehicles, incorporating a new battery, transmission and chassis while using its own innovative software to control the propulsion system. Electromega innovative electric drive system was developed by specialized engineers in collaboration with the Hungarian Technical University of Debrecen, while the company was awarded as the best startup in October 2017 by the Hungarian Ministry of Economy.
Waste collector Trucks

Electromega has 3 different series of electric waste collector trucks (13, 18 and 26 tons). With a single charge, trucks can perform two complete cycles of collection and unloading, which usually represents at least 8 hours of total operating time. Read More
Logistics Trucks

Additionally, it has a type of Logistics transport truck with a capacity of 40 tons, where with a single charge, it can perform from 16 to 24 loading-unloading for at least 16 hours of total working time. Read More
Electromega electric trucks are up to 70% more efficient and economical than diesel trucks. They require lower costs and maintenance time, are environmentally friendly and comply with the new requirements of the European Union.

Electromega 100% electric trucks are the ideal green solution for every business, city and municipality and are immediately available. Electromega is present with its electric garbage trucks in 24 cities in Hungary, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Romania.

Electromega aims to develop partnerships with Greek distribution companies and to introduce its vehicles in Greece.

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