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Digitalis Reklam is a Hungarian ICT company that offers sensor driven, cloud-based digital signage solutions to enhance customer experience and boost sales. They offer state of the art, sales-enhancing, interactive, digital media signage (DMS) communication solutions for indoor and outdoor digital screens. They create scheduled interactive campaigns from images, videos, texts, widgets and websites, offering complex services to their customers: hardware, software, graphical design and technical support. Digitalis Reklam content editing system is simple and cost effective, while the statistical system measures the duration of displayed contents and the effectiveness of advertisements.  Ideal advertising solution for Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Healthcare clinics, Museums, and Exhibition centers.

The system developed by Digitális Reklám in addition to the traditional playback functions is able to initiate communication tailored to a personal profile on the signal of sensors. Its special feature is that, like a decision tree, can initiate different types of communication to different sensor signals. The cloud-based server can be flexibly scaled, and new features are continuously developed and added to the system. Eg QR code generator, wayfinding; touch screen management, VR (virtual reality) control. When integrated with a camera, it is capable of both age and gender determination, and can also be integrated with other “smart camera” functions. With the help of our cloud-based central management system, the changes are immediately reflected on the displays. The content displayed on the screens can be updated almost anytime, from anywhere. The advanced in SW is the key of the solution, Digitalis Reklam is work-flow based and the sensor-driven technology and integrated business logic inside is a unique solution, that enables the system to run and manage different campaigns.

  • Digitális Reklám software can be mastered by anyone, it does not require special IT knowledge. After a few hours of training, you can easily use our solution on your own, you can edit content on the interfaces and edit messages.
  • The company provides a full range of services, which includes the purchase and installation of the hardware components, the operation of the system, and the graphical content editing service.
  • They offer a complex solution: design, graphic solutions, hardware tools, content editing software, installation, content management and updating, customer service, maintenance, State-of-the-art cloud-based or server html5 technology
  • Central and local management: unified system regardless of the size and type of displays, the number of placements,
  • Content can be modified and edited at any time on an unlimited number of displays, split-screen applications,
  • 25 years of technical experience in the Hungarian market

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