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CONTROLSOFT is a Hungarian Agritech & ICT company that provides software, integrated solutions and natural disaster prevention systems.

In the context of a solution-prevention against disaster-related hail, CONTROLSOFT developed an innovative solution using automated equipment (central webSCADA software, automatic and hand-operated ground generators and a mobile Android application). The system is based on forecasts of the meteorological service, as the central software receives three messages a day about the expected storms with hail. Three hours before the actual alarm, the software sends a command to the automated units via a GPRS connection and to the manual equipment operators via SMS to start the units. With the upward flow of hot air, the ground generators release silver iodide into the atmosphere which is completely harmless to the environment. This substance prevents the formation of a large volume of hail as it forms much more ice, but in smaller pieces that melt directly into water before they reach the ground. With the use of the applications of CONTROLSOFT, the damage caused to the crops from hail can be reduced up to 50%.

In 2018, the Hungarian National Chamber of Agriculture entered into force the operation of CONTROLSOFT’s hail prevention system at national level while, at the same time, the system was awarded for the Hungarian Grand Award of Innovation 2018.

The aim of CONTROLSOFT is to develop collaborations with Greek partners to introduce and distribute their products in Greece.


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