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Yoganotch: Smart yoga coach

Yoganotch is a customizable device that digitizes human movement and can be attached to the body. Yoganotch is a smart yoga coach that provides personalized live guidance for yoga and…
Padel courts and tents

Padel Factory: All year game

Padel Factory is a Hungarian company that offers the turnkey solution for setting up or developing a padel sports club. Padel is currently one of the world’s fastest-growing racquet sports:…
rebound sports portable tennis courts

Rebound Sports: Hard-surfed portable Tennis courts

Rebound Sports is an emerging Hungarian company that designs and constructs tennis courts. In addition to their domestic work, they have also gained an increasingly acclaimed reputation in the world…
Team flow System

Innoria: For your team’s mental peak perfomance

Innoria is a Hungarian-owned company, founded in 2017 and operating in the field of bioinformatics. The company develops core technology with world-class Hungarian professionals, who are also recognized by the…

BeStrong: Innovative fitness parks

BeStrong is a Hungarian Sport Tech company that specializes in the development, production and installation of outdoor sports and recreational fitness zones using innovative equipment with high social and interactive…